When is your growing season?
For now, we only operate from May to the end of September.
Though have plans to extend this in the future.
Zone 7a Planting Season

Do you practice organic growing?
We avoid any use of chemicals in the growing process.
For example, if the ground needs nitrogen we’ll use bonemeal or blood-meal.
However, we can use regular fertilizer on request.

Seen on our
‘Offerings’ page, they can be ordered individually or discounted if purchased all together.

Plant options?
We only support vegetables, herbs, and select fruits for now.

Plant pricing?
As long as the order is placed before May, we’ll provide the sprouts to be planted free of charge.
Otherwise, we’ll find what we can from local growers. In both cases we’ll actively work with you to prepare the perfect harvest.

Do you have a question beyond what’s listed here?
Please reach out at contact@backyardgardenco.net and we would be happy to get back to you.

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